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What we provide.....

Tenacity Dance has been providing exciting dance opportunities within school settings for almost a decade.

Children have the chance to learn in familiar surroundings with their school friends which gives them a head start with their confidence levels if they are absolute beginners.

Offering dance opportunities has become a popular choice in schools over the past few years due to the recognition that not all students want to engage in sporting activities that are the more traditional offering when it comes to clubs and extra curricular activities. 

Dance and performance opportunities are a brilliant way to develop stamina, flexibility, coordination, self esteem and confidence.

Throughout the academic year children are given the chance to perform in school assemblies, county dance festivals and theatre productions outside of the school setting.

As well as regular classes, professional teachers from Tenacity Dance can be booked to help with choreography for school productions and provide sessions for Healthy Heart and other themed days within school.

Head Teacher/ Teachers

If you would like more information regarding running a dance class in your school or would like us to choreograph your next school production then please get in touch!